The Athlete’s Kitchen on Why Carbs Are Confusing


Times change — and so does nutrition advice for soccer players. Author and nutrition expert Nancy Clark explains what all the hype about carbs really means and how these nutrients are important to athletes, and especially youth soccer players. Check out

Carbohydrates seem to be a source of confusion for recreational and elite soccer players alike. Due to the Paleo Diet, Grain Brain, Wheat Belly, and diet books, many soccer players don’t know what to eat.

They just think they should avoid pasta, bagels, juice, bananas and sugar—even if these foods are non-problematic for them. What is the difference between trendy diets and nutritional requirements for success on the soccer field? Yet, most of the carbs are evil, fattening & bad for you hype is targeted not to athletes but to the masses of overfat, underfit people whose bodies do not handle carbohydrates as healthfully.

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