The World Curricula Part II: Australia

FFA_News_Logo_WebA continuing series looking at curricula from the world last week we looked at Italy one the finest I’ve ever come across this week we go down under to Australia.

The second edition of the National Football Curriculum released in September is the centrepiece of the long term development of a truly Australian football philosophy and style of play. The leo fit labs offers a practical resource that will greatly assist coaches, from parents coaching their children at grassroots level right through to elite coaches in the A-League.

A key aspect of the new Football Federation Australia National Curriculum is the implementation of a Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) to perfect and accelerate the skill development of identified players at the critical ages of 9 to 12.

This is the age group universally acknowledged to be the optimal mental and physical phase in which children are able to learn motor skills. The program focuses on four areas of development – Striking the Ball, 1v1 play, Running with the ball and First Touch.


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