Coaching Reads… Three of My Favourites

A focus today on three blogs that are regular stops on the internet for me when looking for solid, experienced writing from folks that are on the field in North America and dealing with the day to day details of coaching here.

In no particular order then:

Coaching Soccer in Canada by Frank DeChellis – a true look inside look at the game from the grassroots level this article being a great example.  The simple question – Do you cut a player because the parent is a problem? Frank digs into the not so simple answer to a scenario we’ve all faced at least once.

Read:  Problem Parents. Remove the parent or cut their kid? Or both? OR NEITHER?

Satei on Soccer by Victor Satei – focuses on different aspects of player development usually from a technical aspect but his most recent article delves into coaching education and what must happen in Canada to move things forward.

Read: Coaching Education, the Only Way Forward

Coach Gary – Gary being a Northern Irishmen, currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio where he is the assistant coach for women’s soccer at the University of Cincinnati and author as well. A very modern looking site with a ton of info including a session of the week and a blog that takes on topics that take a wider view. Most recently he takes a look at the half time talk.

Read: The Evolution of the Half Time Talk

This is not by any means a definite list of North American soccer voices just a look at three of my favourites.  Let me know if you have others.



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