Meet the 1970 Hamilton Italo Canadians

Image from the Hamilton Soccer Hall of the Fame
Canadian soccer history does not get nearly enough attentionĀ butĀ here’s a great piece by Emilio (Frank) Riga of the Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame from the Hamilton Spectator.

The 1970 Italo-Canadian’s, the team with a difference, was the first successful “all Canadian” team in a time when waves of accomplished soccer playing immigrants were stacking very strong ethnic clubs. The Inter City Soccer League based in Hamilton and run by Hamiltonians the likes of Bill Rutlidge, Alex Fotheringham and John Brown was THE undisputable premier amateur league in the province. All the Italo-Canadian players with the exception of the Quaglia brothers, who had some Italian training, grew up on the Canadian soccer youth system.

The Italo-Canadian team was a part and parcel of the Unione Sportiva Italo Canadese or USIC Club in the Barton and Sherman St area. This club under President Guy Civello put together not only one of the best soccer teams in the land but also one of the best bicycle racing teams. On occasion the racers, when competing in the same area, would show up with their silverware, in the stadium where we played. The merit goes to that fine organization of sports loving Italian immigrants, led by our soccer manager Nino Craboledda and cycling manager Claudio Pante, for a job well done in a labor of love and pride. Thank you Nino and thank you Guy and USIC for a job well done.

Full Story from the Hamilton Spectator