Volunteers key to Pan Am success in Hamilton

PanAM 2015 Official Logo (1)

The focus of all men’s and women’s soccer matches during the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Games will be squarely on Hamilton.

It is our duty to make sure our city shines in the limelight (Pan Am: July 10-16, 2015; Parapan: Aug. 7-15, 2015). But this will be more than just a high-profile sporting competition. The Games will also highlight cultural and social events providing our city with the opportunity to “open its arms” as a gracious host in addition to showing off its shiny new stadium and the warmth of its people.

The CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium reimagines the historic site where Canada hosted the British Empire Games in 1930. The stadium promises fantastic sightlines of the action on the field as well as the natural beauty of the escarpment. Everything promises to be better than before: bigger seats, more suites, better concession stands, and lots of open spaces for socializing and celebrating with fellow fans https://testosteron-tillskott.se/.

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