West Ottawa Soccer and Ottawa Fury Team Up


West Ottawa Soccer – Ottawa Fury FC and West Ottawa Soccer Club today announced a landmark partnership which creates strong links between Ottawa Fury FC, Canada’s 5th professional club, and the West Ottawa Soccer Club (WOSC), one of Canada’s largest and most progressive community clubs.

In particular, the partnership will see the two clubs work together in the creation of a new pioneering approach to the player development pathway for players in our region. A pathway which puts the individual player first and foremost in all their joint planning and decision making.

“After many months of fruitful discussions, we are delighted to announce this partnership which will serve as a high performance structure providing our very best players with an optimized pathway and environment for them to progress and reach the highest standards,” said Fury FC Technical Director Phillip Dos Santos. “It is essential that we align ourselves with the technical plans of the OSA and the CSA and adapt to this new reality and new opportunity. The process will be gradual but major steps have and will be taken in order to reach our objectives.”

“Since its inception in 2010, the West Ottawa Soccer Club has been driven by its vision to become one of the foremost player development organizations in Canada guided by the framework of the CSA’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) philosophy,” said Bjorn Osieck, CEO of West Ottawa Soccer Club. “To be able to partner with Ottawa Fury FC represents a tremendous opportunity for WOSC to help to shape the pathway to success for all talented players in this rapidly changing football landscape we operate in.”

The partnership involves close collaboration at many levels including planned joint technical player and coach workshops, unparalleled access for all WOSC members to all Fury FC games, interaction between players and coaches from both clubs and access to technical, facility and commercial resources of both clubs.

“Being able to create an environment where our WOSC Warrior families can soak in Ottawa soccer culture at its best and for our players to see their Fury FC role models in action will help to galvanize even greater community support for the beautiful game,” said WOSC President Brian Mason. “While we all embrace the fact that a lot of work still lies ahead to reach our mutual goals, entering into this partnership with Ottawa’s professional soccer club represents a quantum leap for our organization.”

“This partnership is one more step towards putting Ottawa finally and firmly on the professional soccer map in North America ensuring that youth players can aspire to play at the highest collegiate and professional levels,” remarked Fury FC President, John Pugh. “We look forward to welcoming all WOSC Warriors to our games this season and to providing some unique soccer moments and experiences to all WOSC members.”

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