Today’s Coaching Reading

Today’s first read is actually a view thanks to CBC “The Sprint Factory” a look at Jamaica and how it produces so many world class sprinters.  While not specific to soccer it does provide an interesting perspective on how a small poor, country continues to produce so many top athletes year in and year out.

Next Simon Evans for Reutuers takes a look at the slowly emerging coaching style being seen on more and more sidelines in “Quiet Coaching Revolution Gets Results” looking at two of the quarter-final coaches at Euro 2012.

While not strictly about coaching Richard Whittal over at the score provides the thought provoking “Memorization Killed Chess – Is Football the Next Victim?” – a Levitra little insight on how well top level players are drilled in play and why some of those wonderful moments of insight might be more than meets the eye.

Finally FIFA provides a selection of media quotes from their 2nd FIFA Medical Conference – including this one – “Physicians at the medical conference felt that the ideal number of matches should not exceed 60 performances a year. Not one doctor present said we should tolerate more than 60 matches a year.” We unfortunately all know of at least one or two youth teams that push past this number every year…

Until cialis next time.